Our Estate Sale Process

Estate Sales are not only 

Deciding if you need an estate sale.

Estate Sales arent only for those who have passed. Estate Sale services can be used for downsizing, moving or any other large life transitions. Before your Free Consultation you must decide what items will and will not be for sale. Any Not For Sale items should be removed from the home or be put in a designated closed off room to avoid any confusion.


Free Consultaion

You and one of our Estate Sale Professionals will do a walkthrough of your home to asses whats for sale. We will discuss the preferred dates for the sale, go over the contract and any other important info or additional services we offer that you may need. There are no up front costs. All fees will be taken from Sale Proceeds


Organization, Set up & Pricing

After you have signed the contract, we can begin setting up. We will provide all necessary equipment. We carefully organize & stage all items. Everything is priced at "fair market value," and collectibles researched. Ads will be posted on our Website, Social Media Pages, Estatesales.net and any others we discussed.


Sale Time!

Our team will hold a 2 or 3 day sale. Our sales are either on Friday, Saturday & Sunday or Saturday and Sunday. We accept Cash, Credit and Apple Pay. This can be a stressful & emotional time so we encourage the homeowner or any family not be present during the Set Up & Sale Process. 


Post Sale

After the sale we remove all our equipment. Any remaining items left from the sale will be your responsibility unless you have contacted us for a Clean Out during consultation. We will carry out any arrangements made during our consultation, and leave the home broom clean. Our proceeds will be received within 7 business days.

Let's Work Together

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