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Our Process


Step 1: The Consultation

Our process begins with a free consultation. Here we'll join you in your home for a detailed tour to evaluate what you want to sell. All items deemed for sale should be out and easily identifiable. We will work together to discuss your unique needs and help guide you through the next steps of our process. We will finish with reviewing our services and answering any questions you have. Our goal is to set you up for success.

Step 2: Organizing, Research & Pricing

After you have removed all items for the home that you wish to keep, your work is done. We handle the rest from here. We will organize and display all items to create a pleasant shopping experience for our customers. We combine our detailed research with our years of experience to obtain the perfect price and ensure each item is valued properly. Our 2 main goals are to make sure all items are at a desirable price point and to sell as many items as possible to produce maximum sale profits.

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Step 3: Advertising

We use our tailored advertising strategy to market your sale to all of Rochester. Your sale will be posted on our multiple social media sites, our website and sent to our mailing list. We have a strong loyal customer base but using the avenues listed above will guarantee your sale will be seen by many and secure a successful turnout. We offer additional advertising options to reach an even wider audience if you so chose that can be discussed during your consultation.

Step 4: Hosting The Sale

Our trained sales staff will host a 2 or 3 day sale depending on what we decided during your consultation. The integrity of your home and the security of your valuable items matter to us. We will hire the appropriate amount of staff members to assist customers and oversee the sales floor. All high priced items will be place next to the cash register and monitored by one of our staff. Customers will get a written receipt of all their items which will be rung up at our POS system. We accepts cash, credit/debit, and apple pay.


Step 5: Post Sale Clean-Out

Opting for our Clean-Out Service provides you with a hands-off and stress-free close to your Estate Sale. Our team will remove all the remaining unsold items left at the conclusion of the sale. The home will be left empty, broom clean and ready for the closing date. This is a separate contract that can be discussed during your consultation. 

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