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About Us

We are a Mother, Daughter Estate Sale team. Founded in 2010 we bring 12+ years of sales experience.  The process of selling your home or possessions can be extremely stressful. We are here to help lessen the burden of such a major transition. We take great care and consideration with each sale to keep your mind at ease. Our team offers the highest level of service and will provide answers to any questions you have about estate sales and our process. 

At Sweet Estate Sales, we aim to break the stigma that sales are held in dusty old houses with junk and heavily used items. Our sales regularly contain brand new and gently used items with so much life left to give. We understand these items can hold sentimental value and your precious memories. Letting go of those items can be difficult. Our team takes time to market our sales to those who will appreciate those special items and make new memories for years to come.

Second-hand shopping has become increasingly more popular, but estate sales are still a surprisingly well-kept secret. We strive to share this secret. Deciding to hold an estate sale helps keep items in circulation longer and out of our landfills. Not to mention, there are absolutely no up-front costs to you. Choosing Sweet Estate Sales is kind to the earth and your wallet. 

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